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Happy 2019 and Welcome to another year with the Key West Browns Backers!  
(This is the last edit I will be doing as your President.  The new President will be Mr. Greg Cieslik a real Ohio Native, although I have a family burial plot in Wellsville and my wife is from Hamilton.
I will have my last game at the Kraals on DEC 22 this year. 
Ed. Bunting)
​From Greg:
When Ed was “elected” President he hoped that we could keep this going. One thing he did realize and then began hearing from many who came to visit us from out of town was that we weren’t really the most Southern team and we began to get recommendations. It seemed logical to just use the town’s name and we all voted to change the name to express that. After a year of being somewhat homeless while we waited for a new viewing establishment to be renovated we moved for one year to McConnell’s which has closed. Browns fans met at Finnegan’s from ’99-2012 at what used to be Finnegan’s Wake. We have found a wonderful answer for our club @ TURTLE KRAALS. We should have went there a long time ago. This coming year 2019 and beyond (I hope) the Brown’s Backers have been literally invited to hang our hats permanently with Turtle Kraals at Key West Marina. They have jumped out ahead of everyone and ASKED us to bring in our signs, etc. and make it our home. We will even have the big screen (with extra screens being installed.) What caps this off is that we will have HAPPY HOUR PRICES!, for all Browns fans in Browns regalia!!!  [ ] Once you have registered you should show My Clubs on your profile. If not go to Search for Clubs and click on Key West. If you can then print out your card bring me a second copy and I will get it laminated for you.  

We have shirts available see  Products Page for further information and PayPal if necessary.  

Ed Bunting's history, a very selfish one, stretches back to my father (from Ohio), who was born in 1908 as was Paul Brown. He had said that he played Brown’s High School team in 22 or 23 before he moved to Fort Wayne, IN. He then followed him during his college days and coaching up to and through those Navy teams Brown coached at Great Lakes. As the war wound down my father returned to Great Lakes waited for a long time to finally muster out and started taking weekends to travel (he didn’t want to go back toward Great Lakes) by rail to Cleveland to watch the Rams, who won the Championship in ’45. In came Paul Brown and the Browns and the rest is history. Had I been born on the 26th of December 1950 instead of the 28th my mother was sure dad would have been away to the Browns first NFL Championship. I had the pleasure of watching his last game with him when the Browns came back against the Jets (Kosar) in ’86. 

Good things are coming for us, I believe. I haven’t been this positive about a coach and the upcoming team since previous owner ripped out our hearts and arrogantly moved the Cleveland Icon to Barney Land. Ed was one of the fans that sent all his hats, coats and other Browns Clothing to homeless shelters in Baltimore. 

New contact information is gcieslik@gmail

Key West Browns Backers
Turtle Kraals
3700 Sunrise Lane
Key West, FL 33040  
(440) 590-1392

We will see you at the games !!!  

Greg Cieslik, Incoming Pres. KWBB’s
Happy 2019 and Welcome to another year with the Key West Browns Backers!